New Costa Del Sol buggy tour company opens in Mijas

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If you have been to the Costa del Sol you will know that it is the perfect holiday destination for those looking to escape to the sun and enjoy a relaxing holiday spent by the pool or on the beach. Bars, pools and beaches aren’t everyone’s cup of tea though and after a while it can become a little bit like ‘too much of a good thing’ which is when activities such as buggy tours offer the perfect escape.

How Bigfoot Buggy Tours came to be

This was the case for Mitch and Kate, an English couple who frequently took their holidays on the Costa del Sol. They would arrive in need of some rest and relaxation only to find that after a couple of days they had the urge to go and do something a little more exciting. It was on one such visit that they discovered buggy tours. They decided to try it out and immediately fell in love with it.

A family business and a new life

Later on they discussed how great it would be to move to Spain and set up their own Costa Del Sol buggy tours company. It wasn’t the last time they had this discussion and, after having a similar conversation on a number of occasions, the time came when they had had enough of talking about it and decided to follow their dream and make it a reality for themselves and their family.

Bigfoot Buggy Tours Costa del Sol became a reality

They had an area in mind. After spending lots of time in the Mijas area they knew it would be the perfect location for their Costa Del Sol buggy tours business. They hopped on a plane, went to visit a few locations and found the perfect spot. Of course when we say they hopped on a plane and found the perfect location it wasn’t quite as easy as that but you get the idea. With a commitment to ensuring this business only offered the best when it came to buggy tours they were keen to source only the finest equipment as their first priority.

The hunt for the perfect buggies.

The buggies that they wanted were top of the range, after all if you are going to offer people the experience of a lifetime you need the proper tools to do the job. They researched many different buggies offering all sorts of features but decided on the Wildcat Sport Limited from Artic Cat. With its lightweight, strong build and offering great performance the 700cc, 4-stroke, 60hp, two cylinder engine makes these buggies small and mighty. They are the perfect buggy for exploring the delights of Mijas and handling the rugged Spanish mountain terrain effectively and safely.

With the buggies in place, the location picked and the final details all falling into place Bigfoot Buggy Tours Costa Del Sol looks forward to welcoming you to their premises in Mijas and offering you an experience that you won’t forget.

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